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Gabriele Link, DC

Gabriele Link is the owner and chiropractor of Enlightened Spines which first opened in 2016 and has expanded locations twice since. She is passionate and excited to share Network chiropractic with the community while creating the vibrant internal community found at Enlightened Spines. Gabriele gets excited about all things health, growth, and personal development and is so grateful to have discovered Network Spinal care because it merges those aspects into one multifaceted modality.


A Nelson native, Gabriele attended the University of Alberta thinking she would head to medical school but when she stumbled across chiropractic and its accompanying philosophy that the intelligence that made the body can heal the body, it was a better fit.


She was delighted to learn that many chiropractor’s first school recommendation would be The New Zealand College of Chiropractic, so that is where she went. It was here that Gabriele  was introduced to the magic of Network Spinal care, Even though Gabriele enjoyed such great advances in her health and development with NS and continued to attend educational seminars learning it, she was hesitant to fully commit to practicing it after graduating because it is so different than what many stereotypically think of as traditional chiropractic.

However, after many many client visits practicing other techniques, with the feeling of her true gift to the client is through NS, she committed to the switch, opened Enlightened Spines in her home-town and continues looking forward to practicing each day. Outside the office Gabriele loves being up in the mountains in whatever ski coat, shorts, bike, or tent the season calls for. She is also passionate about making time to explore this beautiful planet we live on and its varied geographies.

Luisa, CA 


Luisa is the Chiropractic Assistant and Office Manager at Enlightened Spines. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask her for help. She loves to laugh and engage in multi-facetted conversations about life, love and everything beyond. 

Since working at Enlightened Spines she has fallen in love with Chiropractic and is currently working towards becoming a Chiropractor herself. 



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