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“The shape, tone, tension, and position of your spine are related to the shape, tone, tension, and position of your life”

~ Dr. Donny Epstein, Founder of Network Spinal Care


Your spine is a beautiful anatomical feat housing the most important system of your body, the nervous system! With trillions of connections your nervous system is your master controller, it allows you to beat, breath, jump for joy and create. It allows you to feel pain, tension, gratitude, and hugs. Your nervous system can be your greatest companion in life but it does require your care to function properly, especially in times of stress. With its boundless capacity for learning and infinite function you must remember this system may require updates, reboots, uninstalling of programs, and love. Sometimes your nervous system has learned a program so well that your whole body is running based on this program, or events were downloaded that are now secretly running the show. At enlightened SPINES we use gentle access points along the spine to teach your nervous system how to self regulate, self adjust, and how to self expand. Our aim when working with you is to be part of your team where we are both actively participating in helping you reach your goals.


Sometimes pain can get in the way of your life, but symptoms are actually smart signals sent by your body to alert you to something that needs to change. It is important to respond to these symptoms not only by attempting to get rid of them, but to look to the body as a whole and assess what lifestyle factors are hindering you from your full potential. We respect this innate process and know that we can be a really big help in creating change, but it takes two to tango, so we are hopeful you will be a willing partner in this dance between health-care and personal growth.


Network Spinal Chiropractic

Network Spinal care (NS) is a form of chiropractic where gentle contacts to your spine teach your body to unwind tension patterns in your nervous system.  In an NS entrainment (adjustment) the practitioner works through a personalized system of light touches to coach/suggest to your body on how it can release tension and realign itself in a more balanced and harmonious way. NS seeks to help your body to heal itself.

Initial Consultation: $100
Regular visit: $60


Bowen therapy
Bowen therapy works on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue of the body. It can be used to treat soft tissue injuries, tension, and inflammation. It is gentle and relaxing, using a rolling-type move of the thumbs and forefingers. Bowen therapy stimulates held tension to be released by these specific strumming movements and allows a "conversation" of relaxing to occur between the nervous system and the tissues. 

Regular visit: $100


Somato-Respiratory Integration​

SRI is a set of 12 exercises that utilize a combination of breathing, movement and touch to increase your ability to be aware and connected in your body. SRI exercises are useful on a daily basis for being more aware of your body’s natural rhythms, which helps your mind to become more relaxed and settled.

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