Getting Started

 Welcome to Enlightened Spines!

Thank you so much for your interest in our office! We have gathered some helpful information about how we provide care. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. 

Initial Intake 


We like to get to know you a bit before we recommend a proper Care Plan.

First Appointment (60min)

*Health History

*Physical Assessment

*Introduction to Network Spinal Chiropractic and first session

*Initial Consultation $100

Before we see you for your first appointment at our office, we send you a an Intake Form. Please note that we will need you to submit that form prior to your first visit. If you have any technical problems, please E-Mail or call us and we will be happy to support you. 

Insurance Policy

We have chosen to opt out of  processing insurance claims directly. However we are a licensed chiropractic office  and our services can be claimed with your insurance under Extended Health Care benefits. For those with MSP Premium Assistance (unfortunately regular MSP does not allow for Extended Health Benefits) there is a $23 reimbursement for each visit for a total of 10 visits per calendar year. Once you are ready to submit, we can give you the official MSP form to submit receipts and a paper copy of your receipt to send off. 

Payment Modalities 

We can take Debit, Cash and Credit as well as E-Transfers. Please know that we have introduced a safe payment  processing system through which we can automatically process your Credit Cards as well.

Pregnancy and Children 


Both modalities practiced at Enlightened Spines are completely safe for you and your children.  

What to expect?

A University of California Irvine study of over 2,800 people receiving Network Care worldwide, demonstrates Network Care is associated with profound improvements in health and wellness.

76% of the respondents in this study reported improvements in ALL of these categories:



99% of the participants in this study wished to continue Network Care.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care...

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