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Getting Started

 Welcome to Enlightened Spines!

Thank you so much for your interest in the office! Here is some helpful information about how we provide care. Please don't hesitate to contact if you have further questions. 


An important note:

* Network care does not aim to diagnose or treat specific conditions, it is a modality to enhance nerve system function and quality of life*

Please seek an alternate provider if your sole aim is to reduce a pain or symptom without acknowledging what your body may be alerting you to and that lifestyle changes may need to occur for your growth and wellbeing.

Initial Intake 

Initial Visit $100 ( 60 mins)

Introduction to Network Spinal Chiropractic, Health History, and Goals covered

Spinal Assessment 

Spinal adjustment ( in this work called "Entrainment') 

* An online intake form will be sent through our booking software, please fill out prior to visit

Regular Visits

Follow Up Visits  $60 ( 20 mins) 

A care plan of 6 follow up visits is recommended at a frequency of 2 visits/week( this applies generally, but of course can vary based on your health needs/goals). Similar to an exercise program this frequency is beneficial for creating change. After this period clients often choose to continue care at a self-care frequency that suits their lifestyle and goals. Research( see below) reported many benefits within 1-3 months of care, meaning that these initial 6 visits can really just be a toe dip in the pond of possibility with Network care. A good analogy for the frequency of care is an exercise program with an initial intensive period to gain a new baseline of function, with following visits that continue building with less input( visits) necessary. 

Open Plan Adjusting Space

Network is often practice in an open plan setting ( several tables in the room) due to the "entraining principle" of our nervous systems learning from each other. Research has shown ( through surface electromyography sEMG) that when one nervous system is learning to reorganize it's tension, other nervous systems in the space ( aka humans) pick up this same information. It's like you are getting more by just being in the space while others are doing " the work". A private room is also available for those who prefer it. 

Bowen Therapy 

I have chosen to use Bowen as an adjunct to Network care and I prefer a client to have either had an initial chiropractic consult with me or previous Bowen care. 


Insurance Policy   

We do not process insurance claims directly, however we are a licensed chiropractic office  and our services can be claimed with your insurance under Extended Health Care benefits. For those with MSP Premium Assistance (unfortunately regular MSP does not allow for Extended Health Benefits) there is a $23 reimbursement for each visit for a total of 10 visits per calendar year. Once you are ready to submit, we can give you the official MSP form to submit receipts and a paper copy of your receipt to send off. 


Payment Modalities 

We can take Debit, Cash and Credit as well as E-Transfers. Through our software we are able to store your credit card details ( double encrypted) on your account and automatically process payment after each visit. This is the preferred method of payment. 


Pregnancy and Children 

Both modalities practiced at Enlightened Spines are completely safe for you and your children. 

What to Expect? 

At University of California Irvine a retrospective study of 2,818 people receiving Network care worldwide demonstrates Network Care is associated with profound improvements in health and wellness

76% of the respondents in this study reported improvements in ALL of these categories. They were seen within 1-3 months in care but continued to improve over the 3 years the study was conducted:



99% of the participants in this study wished to continue Network Care.


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