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NSA Chiropractic - The Quick and Easy Low Down! ( FAQ's)

Q: What is NSA Chiropractic?

A: Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a form of chiropractic where gentle contacts to your spine teach your body to unwind tension patterns in your nervous system. You will receive entrainments, rather than adjustments. In an NSA entrainment the practitioner works through a personalized system of light touches to coach/suggest to your body on how it can release tension and realign itself in a more balanced and harmonious way. NSA seeks to help your body to heal itself.

Q: What happens when I get an NSA entrainment?

A: NSA treatments (Spinal Entrainments™) last approximately 15-30 minutes, are done fully clothed, and do not consist of “cracking” or forcing the spine, neck, or back in any way. The initial sessions (Level 1 or Discover Care) are done while laying face down on a chiropractic table and, in Levels 2 (Transform) and 3 (Awaken), lying sideways, on one’s back, or sitting.

Q: How does it work?

A: NSA works with your nervous system, which directs the processing of energy and information. A series of gentle contacts, called Spinal Entrainments™, are done along your spine spanning from the bottom of the skull to the tailbone at areas called Spinal Gateways™ that help your brain and nervous system learn a new way to bounce back from tension, stress, and traumatic events. Your system can create a more functional response to stimuli, and can sustain this improvement over the long term.

Like the hard drive on a computer, the body stores information derived from life experiences. The unconscious part of the brain (brain stem) then uses this information as a reference when new things happen. When new experiences are identified as similar to a past trauma, the body will responsively go into defense. When that happens, the brain will put us into action to do what ever it takes to insure that we are safe. This is called fight or flight. If we haven’t recovered from a past experience, the body will perceive that experience and store that as trauma.

Q: Can NSA help me?

A: If you want a higher quality of life, to enjoy your life more fully, and to have more success with less effort, then yes - this can help you. A recent study at UC Irvine Medical School has shown that 95% of the people involved in the study said that their expectations had been met with network, and 99% wished to continue with care.

Q: What does "Entrainment" mean?

A: The meaning of “entrainment” is to bring the different parts of a system into harmony with each other. In nature, the process of entrainment is a natural phenomenon that gives different species the advantage of survival over others that are not “entrained” or cannot adapt to their environment.

Your body has many systems and parts working all at once to help you function normally as a whole and to enhance your ability to thrive in this world. Some of these systems include your immune, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, glandular, reproductive, and digestive systems. Unless all of these systems work in harmony (“entrained” to each other), your ability to survive and thrive in this world and adapt to change and stress will be seriously impaired! Network is an education process that teaches your body how to entrain and coordinate all of your parts.

Q: What are "Healing Waves"?

A: Two unique types of healing waves are generated in the body in individuals receiving NSA,

A Respiratory Wave™: consisting of a spontaneous deep breathing pattern that releases tension and relaxes a person.

A Somatopsychic Wave™: which generates undulating movements, up and down the spine.

These two waves are associated with entrainment and integration within the body. Research at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine indicated this wave phenomenon is associated with a dramatic increase in health, well-being, and vitality.

Q: What's all that tension doing there?

A: Our bodies tense up in response to stressful events or periods in our lives, and we hang onto these tension patterns long after the life situation has resolved itself. Over a lifetime we are shaped this way and that way, often resulting in bodies that are asymmetrical with slouched or imbalanced postures. We most often recognize these stored tension patterns as backaches, stiff necks, headaches, restricted movement, or general discomfort in the body.

Q: What do emotions have to do with tension?

A: Another ingredient in our stored tension is emotional memory. The tension/stress is locked in our bodies together with the emotion that triggered the tension in the first place (anxiety, anger, resentment, worry, grief...). Our bodies end up being holding grounds for all the tension and fears we have experienced in our lives, and the end result is that we don’t feel nearly as good as we would like to! And we certainly have many less-than-optimal responses to life’s current stressors!

Q: What is the meaning of my symptom?

A: A symptom is a sign that something needs to change. Usually persistent symptoms tell us that we are having difficulty figuring out what change is needed. Network is designed to help your body gain a new perspective, to see things differently! From a new perspective change becomes possible, easy, and natural.

Q: When will I know I am getting better?

A: When you find yourself making more sustainable choices in living. You will notice that you are more able to deal with present day stresses, and will realize you are beginning to deal with residual stressors of the past. You may feel less pain in the body because you have learned why the pain was there and how to effectively listen to the body.

Q: Why are others getting particular responses that I am not experiencing?

A: If your body is in defense (fight or flight from some past experience) it is difficult to connect with the innate wisdom you already possess. Discover Care can help the brain and body rediscover ease. As a relaxed state becomes the “theme song” for your life, it becomes easier to know and follow the inner guidance that allows you to transform through Network Care.

Q: How long will I need to come for NSA entrainments?

A: Research has shown that with Network Care, there is no limit to the possible changes you can achieve. My goal when working with people is to help them reach their goal. For some that may mean 2 visits, for others it is longer.

Q: Is there an ideal frequency of visits?

A: Every person has a different spine, life, and situation therefore an “ideal” is hard to describe without knowing those details. Research has shown that a series of 12 entrainments over a period of 4-6 weeks is often the best start for many people, but we have all different sorts of plans based on each person.

Due to many practice members living out of town, and the training nature of NSA, it is not uncommon for practice members to receive entrainments twice in one day. Just like practicing any new skill, it is helpful to return to it with just a short break in between practices.

Q: Is there scientific research that validates the benefits of Network Care?

A: University of California at Irvine has published an independent, 3-year study of people receiving Network Care. Click here to see results.

Q: Why are people so excited about Network?

A: Network Care is a unique form of healing. It helps people to unconsciously gain the skills to work though the causes of symptoms. This creates long term physical, emotional and mental benefits.

Q: What can I expect with the initial Enlightened Package?

A: The Enlightened Package begins with a consultation to go over your health history as well as a physical examination to assess the degree and types of tension patterns in your body. In a session you usually lie face down on the entrainment table and the practitioner assesses your body’s alignment. This often involves holding and gently moving the feet. This allows the practitioner to observe how movement is transmitted through your body, and to establish where there are blockages in this flow. You will then receive your first entrainment, usually about 15- 30 minutes, during which you may experience spontaneous body movements and sometimes a bubbling up of emotions as long-stored tension patterns are released. On the second visit we will go over the information we learned from your history and physical exam and discuss possible care plans. You will then receive your second entrainment.

Q:What is the SRI Breathing Technique?

A: Sometimes you may be asked to lie on your back to do a Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) breathing technique. Designed by Donald Epstein (founder of NSA), SRI is a tool to help the brain to reconnect with the body and its experience. It educates you to your body’s rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement, and touch.

Q: Why is the group setting beneficial?

A: Entrainments are done in a group setting to facilitate each individual’s practice together. The field created in the room is one that each practice members gets to utilitize personally to assist in progress. You have seen flocks of birds fly in a “V” formation. Flying this way creates a “slip stream” effect which lowers air resistance and makes it easier for the group of birds to fly long distances, because they don’t have to expend as much energy as if they were flying solo.

In a group setting we can also use the entrainment principle. This allows people to entrain with each other's healing rhythms, like birds flocking, making healing easier and more graceful than could be imagined. When one person is healing it becomes easy to share that healing with everyone in the group. There is always the option of the private room for anyone at anytime who should wish to have privacy that day.

Q: Is NSA safe for everyone?

A: NSA chiropractic is suitable for all ages, from infants to elderly. Infants and children respond to NSA very quickly as their tension patterns are not so deeply ingrained. An older person with patterns that have been carried for decades may need more time to change. NSA is also safe, and recommended, for pregnant women.

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