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Somato Respiratory Integration
as taught by Donald Epstein, DC and Founder of Network Spinal Care

Founder and developer of both Network Spinal care and Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI), Dr. Donald Epstein, observed that as we proceed through our healing process we move through different stages of healing (or consciousness). Each stage is characterized by certain breath patterns, movements, sounds and touch.  One stage becomes the precursor to the next, like a rite of passage, each one bringing more depth and meaning to the experience of our healing journey.

SRI exercises involve specific breath, movement and sound patterns. By matching our breath, movement and sound to one stage and embodying the energy of that stage it helps facilitate the advancement to further stages. Overall, each SRI exercise helps you to gain the wisdom of each stage, and transform our old patterns of suffering into empowerment and resolution.

The 12 Stages Of Healing
as taught by Donald Epstein, DC and Founder of Network Spinal Care

Stage 1


Stage 4

Reclaiming your Power

Stage 7


Stage 10


Stage 2


Stage 5

Merging with the Illusion

Stage 8

Emptiness in Connectedness

Stage 11


Stage 3

Stuck in a Perspectve

Stage 6

Preparation for Respolution

Stage 9

Light behind the Form

Stage 12 


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