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Seasons of Well-being




Level 1: Discover

When you’re stressed out, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful or in pain and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to Discover something new.  Rather than trying to fight or ignore your symptoms, it’s time to connect to what your body and life really needs and begin a process of powerful healing and long-term well-being.

In this process we will help you to:

  • Release enormous amounts of built up stress and tension 

  • Breathe more fully and feel more vital, energetic & alive

  • Develop more discernment as to what your body needs

  • Improve your posture and flexibility

  • Discover the relationship between your stress and your symptoms

  • Enhance your adaptability to handle life stresses and challenges

       SRI stages 1-3 are utilized in conjunction with Level 1 Care to connect here.


Level 2: Transform

When you discover what’s really going on inside — how stress has helped you disconnect from life, run from challenging experiences, and play small to avoid discomfort — you have the opportunity to transform. Will you take up the challenge?  Learn how to break through conditioned patterns and take the driver’s seat in your life, reclaiming tremendous internal energy to live fully, create something new, and rule your world.


In this process we will support you to:

  • Upgrade to turn stress into fuel for growth and power for positive change

  • Develop strength, focus, decisiveness, direction, and clarity

  • Set a new baseline for health, empowerment, and participation in your life

  • Effectively change habits, behaviors, and reinvent yourself with new insight

  • Resolve the need to react to life with stress, defense, and tension

       SRI stages 4-6 are experienced to grow these strategies.


Level 3: Awaken

When you grow beyond your conditioning, a bigger world opens up. Why are you here? Who are you, really? How do you participate in greater circles of life?  As your consciousness awakens beyond who you think are and how life is supposed to be, you can step into a bigger picture of reality, fully be the change you want to see, and realize your necessary place in the world.

 In this process you:

  • Upgrade to “bounce back” effortlessly in stressful events

  • Experience more freedom, passion, joy, and gratitude even in challenging situations

  • Feel more connected to the greater purpose of your life

  • Embody and experience of the “spiritual” nature of life in the present moment

  • Observe phenomenal increases in adaptability, empowerment, and ability to contribute

  • Realize the changes you must make to support your optimal life

       SRI Stages 7-12 are accessed to sponsor and deepen this level of care.

Level 4: Integrate

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